The benefits of insulation

Did you know that a poorly insulated home loses up to a quarter of its heat through the roof, and around a third through the walls?

A well insulated home is the answer to cheaper energy bills. And if you qualify for a free insulation grant under the Government's Energy Company Obligation (ECO) you'll be able to give your home an insulation makeover for free.

On this page we'll help you work out if you might be eligible for some of the available funding. But to find out for sure, you just have to fill in our very simple enquiry form. We'll check out your eligibility and get back to you. It's really easy to do - we just need a few small pieces of information and then we'll do the rest. If you are eligible for free insulation or an insulation grant, you'll be able to get a claim in straightaway.

Which is great news because unfortunately most UK homes are very poorly insulated, and many of our roofs and walls are crying out for some much needed attention and TLC. And with good reason, we might add. The savings associated with making sure our homes our properly insulated speak for themselves.

Take cavity wall insulation for example. If your home was built between 1924 and 1982, there's a good chance its external walls have clear cavities, which are just begging to be filled with insulation. If you can't get a free insulation grant, it'll cost between £400 and £500 to install, but you're looking at an annual saving of up to £140.

Think that's good? Well it gets even better. Did you know that loving your loft could save you almost £200 a year? Insulating an un-insulated three bedroom semi-detached house that's heated by gas to a depth of 270mm will achieve savings of up to £180 per year. Loft insulation will cost around £300 to install, unless you qualify for an insulation grant.

If you live in a property that was built prior to 1924 it probably has solid walls. Solid walls are notorious for heat loss: compared to cavity walls solid walls lose twice as much heat. If your home has solid walls, you can tackle the problem of unwanted heat loss by insulating your home either externally or internally.

Solid wall insulation is the most expensive type of insulation. Fitting external solid wall insulation will cost between £9,500 and £13,000 but you will be able to reduce your annual heating bills by as much as £490. Internal solid wall insulation is quite a bit cheaper, and can be fitted for between £5,500 and £8,500, saving you as much as £460 on heating bills every year.

Of course if you are eligible for a 100% grant the installation for cavity wall and loft insulation or solid wall insulation will be completely free.

But it's not just your pocket that's going to benefit. You'll be doing your bit for the environment, too. By heating your home less you'll also be lowering your household's CO2 footprint. Depending on the type of insulation you'll be able to cut your carbon dioxide emissions by between 560kg and 1.9 tonnes per year.

Costs and savings do vary depending on the type of insulation you install. But the main thing to remember is that saving energy means saving money. So why compromise on comfort to lower your heating bills when you don't have to?

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