Boiler Grants

Did you know that, as well as insulation grants, you can also apply for a free grant to replace an inefficient or broken boiler?

Boiler Grants

The government’s ECO scheme aims to help those on low incomes to lower their heating bills and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. By replacing an old, inefficient boiler with an A rated, condensing boiler you could save as much as £350 in savings on your annual energy bill*.

*According to latest figures given by the Energy Saving Trust.

About ECO Replacement Boiler Grants

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers to set aside funding to help people improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The scheme will continue in its current form until September 2018.

For those who meet the eligibility criteria, the ECO grant scheme for boilers will fund a brand new gas, oil or LPG boiler or electric storage heaters for your home (although funding for gas boilers is now limited). The grant could cover the entire cost of the new boiler unit or may cover a significant amount of it. However, if the new boiler requires your central heating system to be updated in other ways e.g. new pipes this will need to be paid for separately.

A survey of your home will be carried out to assess if this is the case and tell you if there are any additional costs you’ll need to meet. If you aren’t happy to go ahead, there is no obligation to continue with the process so you won’t have to confront surprise costs further down the road.

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria yourself, your boiler needs to be at least 8 years old with an efficiency rating of 86% or less to qualify for replacement.

Why Replace Your Boiler?

Cheaper Heating Bills

The older your boiler, the less efficiently it will heat your home. In some cases they can have efficiency levels as low as 60%. This equates to 40p out of every £1 you spend on heating essentially being wasted. Modern condensing boilers can be as much as 90% efficient which is a significant saving.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The more efficient your boiler is, the less fuel it will need to use and the less carbon emissions it will produce. This means less contribution to global warming.


Many older boilers aren’t fitted with the safety devices that modern boilers have as standard like pressure relief valves and thermostats which will automatically shut a system down when a fault is detected. And, as you might expect, the older a boiler is the higher the likelihood pipes and other parts will break down and cause potential safety issues.

More compact design

If your existing boiler includes a water tank and / or storage cylinder then introducing a modern Combi boiler could free up a lot of space in your home. They don’t need a storage cylinder or water tank; they are compact, all-in-one units that can often fit into a kitchen cupboard. A Combi boiler will heat both your water and your central heating.

How Do You Know if You're Eligible?

To qualify for a boiler grant under the ECO scheme you need to be:

  • A permanent resident in England, Scotland or Wales
  • A homeowner or a private tenant with your landlord's permission
  • In receipt of any of the following benefits:
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Working Tax Credit
    • Pension Guarantee Credit*
    • Income Support
    • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
    • Income-Related Employment Support Allowance
    • Universal credit.

*This can be in combination with or without Pension Savings Credit, however those who receive just Savings Credit alone may not qualify.

Are There Any Costs?

As with the insulation grants you may be offered a grant that covers some but not all of the cost of the new boiler. If this is the case you will be told how much you would need to contribute before you decide whether to go ahead or not. There’s no obligation to commit to anything you cannot afford.

How to Apply for a Free Boiler Grant

It only takes a few minutes to apply. Visit and complete the short online form. Someone will be in touch very soon to discuss your eligibility in more detail and guide you through the next steps.

At a later point in the process you'll need some paperwork detailing your income-related benefits to confirm that you’re eligible.

For more information and to apply for a free boiler grant visit

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